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Serving Individuals With Developmental Disabilities

Blue Lines

We are people, of every walk of life, with countless experiences and perspectives, just like any other organization. What makes Michael Dunn Center unique to most companies is that the people served by Michael Dunn Center have additional challenges to being able to make choices and find opportunities that many people take for granted. But, you wouldn’t know by meeting them. In talking to most of our supported individuals, you would think that there are no obstacles, just opportunities. The attitude and spirit of the people served at Michael Dunn Center is inspiring. It is this impression left by those served that makes the employees of Michael Dunn Center excited to come to work every day. Simply put, the staff of Michael Dunn Center has chosen to work with children and adults with disabilities because they care.

Individualized care and support is the common denominator among… services

We are an organization that was born out of need. Michael Dunn Center has continued that mission of meeting needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. Established in 1971 in the basement of a church, Michael Dunn Center has grown to serve over 300 children and adults with disabilities. The services offered are provided from birth to death covering many levels of support and service. In serving individuals with developmental disabilities, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Each and every child or adult that receives any level of service from Michael Dunn Center is supported based on their own individual needs. Individualized care and support is the common denominator among the many services provided by Michael Dunn Center.

We invite you to learn more about who we are by reading the profiles of our supported persons and the employees of Michael Dunn Center. We also invite you to meet us in person. If you are interested in touring Michael Dunn Center, please call Michaele Butler at 865-376-3416, extension 231 to set up a tour.