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Quality Housing in a Community Setting for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

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The Residential Habilitation Program at Michael Dunn Center offers quality housing in a community setting for individuals with developmental disabilities. The staff of the Residential Habilitation Programs is responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment which supports each individual’s choices to lead the lives they desire. All individuals that reside in a Residential Habilitation home are involved in daily activities outside of the home including work, community participation, or attending the Michael Dunn Center Adult Day Program.

In fact, many of the residents choose to lead lives that are busier than most people. Despite many of the challenges that individuals with disabilities face, there is little that stops the residents of the Residential Habilitation homes from doing what they want. From weekend concerts to vacations to Disney World, the beach or even to Paris, France, the residents of Residential Habilitation homes at Michael Dunn Center are supported to make their own choices.

An important feature of each Residential Habilitation home is that each home is located in different subdivisions in the Roane County area. There is nothing that excludes any resident of a Residential Habilitation home from being part of their community. Michael Dunn Center makes it a primary objective to buy homes that are very much a part of their communities and neighborhoods when selecting home sites for Residential Services.

Special needs for each individual served are monitored and addressed appropriately by the Health Services Department at Michael Dunn Center. Appropriate medical care, therapy, treatment and other support services are provided proactively to strive for optimal level of health so that each individual can have opportunities and make choices for their own lives.

If you would like to give to Michael Dunn Center and help the individuals served by the Residential Habilitation Program live lives of opportunity and choice please visit the Donations page and make a donation or contact Michaele Butler or call Michaele at 865-376-3416, extension 231.