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Matching Families and Their Homes with Individuals Who Need a Home

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True compassion is the hallmark of the families that have partnered with Michael Dunn Center to provide care for adults with developmental disabilities. Family Model Services employees work tirelessly to match families who want to open their hearts and their homes with individuals who need a home. Thanks to the support and care coordinated by the staff of Family Model Services, the individuals and families can live more meaningful and peaceful lives.

Another characteristic of Family Model Residential Services is that it offers the continued progression toward independence for an individual receiving services. For example, as an individual may continue to improve in health and function they may transition from a Supported Living environment to a Residential Habilitation environment to a Family Model environment to independent living.

If you would like to learn more about how Family Model Residential Services facilitates care for individuals with disabilities, please contact Director of Family Model Residential Services, Dee Ann Lindsay. If you are interested in providing gifts or assistance that can help Family Model Services meet its objectives of providing excellent support for all people involved, please donate today by visiting the Donations page or call Michaele Butler at 865-376-3416, ext. 231. You can also contact her to arrange a tour of the Michael Dunn Center.