New Location Announcement

Now You Know – 1st Quarter 2020
April 1, 2020
Now You Know – 1st Quarter 2020
April 1, 2020

Thanks for the sweet messages!  We love how much our community loves us!

We are selling our Gallaher Road property and although it feels like the end of an era, it is just the beginning of our next 50 years! ❤️. We have a new building and we can’t wait to share our next adventures with you!

It is a bittersweet day to list the place that has been our home for so many years, but it is time to continue our mission in a more updated and efficient building.  For many years, we wondered if we could operate in a smaller space.  One thing we learned during the COVID pandemic was that YES, WE CAN!❤️  We can provide the same incredible services, in a smaller administrative space, more efficiently, with less dollars going to overhead costs.

We are STILL going strong and gaining momentum by the day, month and year!

  • 51 years of service
  • 30+ homes in Roane County
  • 400+ employees
  • currently serving 1,100+ children and adults AND…….with the expansion of our Conservatorship Program last year, we currently serve 71 counties (out of 95) in TN!

So, although we are saying goodbye to our beloved Gallaher campus, we’re saying hello to our current administrative building on Lawnville Road, as well as a few other expansions in the works!

Here we GROW again!!!!!

Michaele Butler, President/CEO