Personnel Profile

Name: Roger Richmond

Title: Vice President, Human Resources & Information Technology

Responsibilities: Responsible for oversight of activities related to Information Technology and Human Resources to ensure that communication is maintained efficiently and effectively and that all personnel-related issues are managed in an organized and efficient manner. Responsibilities include management of agency computer network and publication of staff newsletter.

Experience: Began career at Sertoma Center (then Sertoma Learning Center), in Knoxville, TN, as weekend House Manager; took F/T position in Sertoma Day Program as vocational instructor. Initiated retail greenhouse business for Sertoma Center before transferring to MDC to establish a commercial greenhouse business. In addition to managing greenhouses, became Adult Program Coordinator, overseeing Adult Day, Social Services, and Supported Employment programs.

Transferred to position of MDC Director of Training in 1998, with responsibilities including the teaching of all classes and oversight of all related training activities. Accepted position of VP HR/IT in 2006.

Education: Bachelor of Science, University of Tennessee

Goals for your department or the agency in general:

  1. Continue to develop Human Resources Dept. to provide top quality HR services for the agency
  2. Expand computer related database system
  3. Provide MDC with the quality employees through job recruitment and training.

Accomplishments/ Successes regarding serving individuals with disabilities:
  • Developed greenhouse business, which remained in operation for 27 years.
  • Oversaw creation and early development of MDC Supported Employment Program.
  • Oversaw creation and initial development of true Supported Living, placing first individuals in their own private living arrangements.
  • Oversaw creation and development of Community Involvement Program several years before DMRS funding for such services existed.
  • Placed strong emphasis within employee training on true person-centered services with goal of inspiring new and tenured employees to provide top-quality services with emphasis on dignity and respect and personal rights issues through training and supervision.
  • Initiated agency newsletter, ìNow You Knowî, to enhance communication and training for employees, with strong emphasis on quality services.

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