Personnel Profile

Name: Glen Blevins

Title: Vice President, Finance

Responsibilities: Financial and Operational responsibilities for all corporations- MDC, DDI, MD Foundation, Hope Haven, Webster Home, Simmons Manor

Experience: 30 years with MDC starting with the position of an accountant.

Education: B.S. from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in Business Administration with a major in accounting.

Goals for your department or the agency in general: (1) To keep all corporations financially sound and to build on the net worth of each. (2)To keep all properties of all corporations in excellent condition.

Needs: We need the State to build a cost of living factor into our rates.
Our rate increases are so inconsistent we are not able to function in a consistent manner.

Obstacles to providing the level of service you want to provide: Funding that does not keep up with inflation does not allow for consistent operations and property improvements.

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