Personnel Profile

Name: Vicki Hix

Title: Vice President, Children's Services

Responsibilities: Responsible for the overall operation of The Henry Center, inclusive of hiring/retention of employees, maintaining required governmental standards of funding/licensing personnel, and continued provision of quality services.

28 years experience with the Michael Dunn Center.
10 years as the Social Worker for the Early Intervention program before moving to the position of Administrator of The Henry Center at its inception in 1989.

Education: MA in Educational Psychology and Counseling Education

Goals for your department or the agency in general:
Resume infant care for the private sector
Add data base system for curriculum beginning with Pre-K area, eventually extending to remaining ages.

Accomplishments/ Successes regarding serving individuals with disabilities: Successfully fulfilled contract with State of Tennessee Department of Mental Retardation Services for 28 years, continuing to serve children ages birth to age 5 in an inclusive environment.

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