Cost effective alternate labor source
Michael Dunn Center Work Programs can competitively bid on any job and comply with all specifications.
  Reliable, motivated, personable employees
Our workers are eager to come to work every day, where their place of work is more than just a paycheck. It’s their purpose and their community.
  High attendance rates
Michael Dunn Center Work Programs workers have consistently expressed that their place of work is where they want to be. Our working environment is a pleasant and welcoming place to earn a living.
  Low turnover
Our high attendance is due to people wanting to be “on the job.” This leads to greater continuity within each job process, and is the reason for our high levels of productivity and efficiency.


  Handle unanticipated space requirements
Three well-equipped buildings, totaling 22,800 square feet, offer ample production and storage space.
  Meet deadlines
Despite overcoming many challenges daily, we meet customer deadlines within specified quality control requirements as directed by the customer.
  Reduce turnaround time
The efficiency of our workers helps you maintain your schedule without delays.
  Reduce overtime
Contracting with Michael Dunn Center Work Programs eliminates your challenges of covering shifts, replacing employees, or waiting on new employees to become efficient enough to complete a task on time.
  Increase product cost effectiveness
Get the most value for your production costs by partnering with Michael Dunn Center Work Programs to maximize the cost effectiveness of your product.
  Increase profits
By partnering with Michael Dunn Center Work Programs you can put your effort into growing your business instead of the day to day challenges that keep you from focusing on the future. Using Michael Dunn Center Work Programs will put you in the best possible position to increase your bottom line.
  Create jobs for people with disabilities
Empower people living with disabilities and challenges to gain independence:
Not only will you enjoy all of the benefits of quality work, done efficiently with exceptional customer service, your partnership with Michael Dunn Center Work Programs will create jobs for a population that has historically been forgotten and castigated. The people we serve will astound you with their ability to complete each job well, on-time, and with a smile.


Michael Dunn Center
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Kingston, TN 37763

Phone 865-376-1337 extension 230
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Melanie Harmon, Sales Executive

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