Daytime Services

Programs and services provided by Michael Dunn Center are for all ages and twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. Many service recipients are members of more than one program. On our web site, we characterize the programs by what service recipients do during the day and how they receive services after their daytime activity of choice. We invite you to read about how children and adults with disabilities are served by Michael Dunn Center through all of our programs listed here.

The Henry Center – Child Care Services and Early Intervention Services

School Programs – Providing education for children with disabilities

Work Programs – Providing job opportunities in the community and at the main campus

Day Habilitation – Providing supportive care and a social network for adults with disabilities

Health Care – Working for the optimal level of health for service recipients with physical needs through a proactive approach

Supported Living – Serving the needs of individuals with a wide range of needs in home settings

Residential – Providing homes and meals in group homes with around the clock staffing

Family Model Residential Services – Coordinating foster care opportunities for families who want to support someone with a disability in need of a loving home
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