Information Technology (IT)
Item NameItem Cost

Volunteer help with MDC networks$
New or refurbished laptops$
Flat screen LCD monitors$200

Item NameItem Cost

Adopt a service recipient$40/ month
Donations for continuing education (seminars, in-service training, CEU's, etc...)$1000
Wheelchair scales$500
Portable oxygen saturation monitors$100 each
Automatic Electronic Defibrillators for each residence (19)$1600 each

Residential Habilitation
Item NameItem Cost

Bedroom furniture for residents in need$1000
Living room furniture)$1000
Digital video camera for special events$400
Storage Units 10'x12' (2)$2000
Flat panel LCD computer monitor$200
New kitchen appliances$500

Supported Living
Item NameItem Cost

1 Support a service recipient$30/ month
1 Lift Van for JDJ House$15,000
1 4 door Mini-van$13,000
3- 4 bedroom homes for future service recipients$
1 Long Bed Truck for Conlin House$5000

The Henry Center
Item NameItem Cost

Scholarships for needy children$125
Arts and crafts supplies$
Office supplies$

Work Programs
Item NameItem Cost

Adopt a service recipient$40/ month
Shirts for staff uniforms$500
Eye wash station$300
Paint trucks for Secure Document Destruction to include new MDC logo$2000
Recycling Bins$20 each
Awning to cover walkway from MDC main building to Work Programs building$2500
Totes and containers for Secure Document Destruction$400

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