Personnel Profile

Name: Stephanie Goodson

Title: Director of Human Resources

Responsibilities: Overseeing all Human Resource functions including employee training, hiring and recruiting new employees, management of employee benefits

Experience: CNA, Direct Support, Case Manager, Incident Management Coordinator, promoted to Director of Human Resources January 2009.

Education: 1995 Graduate of Oakdale High School. Completed certificate program for Medical Billing/Coding.

Goals for your department or the agency in general:
  1. Strive to fill all vacant positions within Michael Dunn.
  2. Reduce employee turnover.
  3. Ensure employees receive the highest quality of training to provide the best possible care for our Service Recipients.

Other Information:
Proud mother of a beautiful daughter named Rilee. Member of Mt. Vernal Baptist Church. Employed with Michael Dunn since 2001. Actively participates as a basketball coach for the Special Olympics Area 30. Working at Michael Dunn is truly more than a job. What better place can you work than a place where every time you pass our Service Recipients you are greeted with a smile that warms your heart?

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